Things I do for Tony

So Tony works for a design build firm in Boston, and since it's construction work (for the most part) he eats a lot of food! He also works with four other men who also eat a lot of food, and since their company is really ecologically conscious I thought that I might make them some super-awesome lunch bags to reduce their dependency on plastic shopping bags, which they all used previously to carry their lunches in. So I made one as a test out of some canvas I had laying around the house, and sent it off with Tony. That day he came home and told me that everybody wanted one, and to make them ASAP. Well, that was about a month ago, and last night I finally caved and busted out three more bags for the boys. They aren't the most beautiful creations, but seeing as they end up looking like Tony's (see before/after shot) I don't think anymore time should be spent on them.

Also note the sweet initials Tony personally stitched onto scraps and then sewed into the bags, yeah that's not my sewing you see there!

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