Sun is shining... sort of

So I took it upon myself to get the hell out ye-olde-apartment today and made my way over to Coolidge Corner for some much needed TJ shopping, and wound up buying a HUGE cucumber! It looked so yummy and the sun was kind of out and it was really hot so I had to buy it. Then I got home and thought " hmmmm, what do I do with this?". Since it's just Tony and I in the house and he's not one to munch on cucumber sticks I had to find an alternative. Then I remembered what my sister told me about re-using the pickling fluids (there must be a better term for this) leftover from empty jars of pickles. They make a slightly less- pickley pickle, but still really good. So I cut up my cuke and I'm making me some pickles! Has anybody else tried this before? I'm curious if they are still going to be yummy, and since I have discerning palette for pickles I'll let all of you know how it goes!

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