Guilty Pleasure

Okay folks, I have a secret... I read perezhilton as one of my guilty pleasures. I know, I know- lame right? I get it I really do- but it's like this awful addiction. Similar to reading all of the headlines to the national enquirer while waiting to ring up your groceries, but this at least is in the comfort of my home. Suffice to say- I'm not giving it up anytime soon. However, my guilty pleasure is not the reason I'm writing about perezhilton. I'm writing because today, while scrolling through his site I found this...

This is about an organization in my home town! Westfield, MA folks- and thank god it wasn't about something crazy or scandalous. Well... thats it- just thought I'd share that tid-bit with you all. It is a small strange world we live in folks... small and strange.

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