Project 2.0

So this is a new project, one that I hadn't really considered up until the past few weeks. This tub chair is something that Tony and I purchased together about two years ago for $10.00 from these old men who put up a flea market on corner of Jersey Street and Queensbury Street in the Fens, on pretty much any day they feel like it. The bones of the piece are great, and despite it having a huge tear in the middle of the seat, we felt it was a bargain. Now after a few years of upgrades in other pieces of furniture, we were in the market for a new chair, but I decided that maybe I could start training my upholstery muscles on this little piece with the hopes of eventually re-upholstering our SOFA. So on Tuesday I went for a walk down to Winmill Fabrics in Chi-Town and did some shopping and for 15.00 bucks I walked out with some orange threads and a little bit of hope!

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