Entertaining on your stoop?

The inspiration for this topic stems from NY Times article about city dwellers who are taking their dinner and cockatil parties to the streets instead of their cramped NYC apartments. In theory this idea is great right? The city is your playground, backyard and dining room? However there is a little bit of a skepticism tingling inside of me that is threatening to overturn my initial inspirational thoughts. The reason? Well, privacy or rather invasion of privacy; and I'm not talking about the hosts or attendants. I'm talking about the people who live on the first floor and have to listen to a bunch of yuppies talk about the crumbling economy and their attempts to be greener, as their voices raise higher and higher with each sip of their cocktail. Yes- I recognize that that is one of those things you have to deal with when you live in the city- but knowing that a restaurant is a few feet below your window when you move in is a far cry from impromptu dinner parties on your front steps. The jury is still out on this one- but I do love these pictures and the idea is still cool, but I'm not sold.

Check out full article here NY TIMES

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