On my walking tour I managed to stop by Urban Outfitters to check out their advertised "yard sale" to see if indeed they had any cheap things (since this is a rare occurrence). To my dismay they didn't- but they did have some cool home accessories that I snapped a few pics of. The first being the letters- they have them in metal and paper options in bold colors and I think various fonts... I can't remember exactly. I may have been trying to hide my camera from some "employees" or those people who hang around there and occasionally ring up your purchases. The second find were these cute sets of tupper-ware-esque dishes that buckle together to create a lunch-box type unit. For $20.00 it wasn't worth it- but it was cute enough for me to pause and think about it. Enjoy!


nickhaskell said...

I wanted to get enough of those letters to say, "NICK & LAUREN" but I really didn't want to drop 200$ to do that haha. Need a friend who is a metal worker.

Tina said...

yeah, I'm kind into typography, and a few weeks ago I almost convinced myself to buy a whole century gothic alphabet in aluminum from this retro-furnishing place in cambridge, but it would have been like $250.00 for all of it. I guess i paid rent instead, ho-hum.