Hair envy

Most days I like short hair, and most days I wish I was daring enough to shave all of mine off to the extreme, but for some reason (I'm attributing it to the cold) I really want long hair and long blunt bangs! Why? I really have no idea. But the picture here pretty much is my desire right now. Why can't I be rich and just get extensions and play with my hair? Ugh, having money would be so much fun!

best x-mas present

Tony took the cake on this one folks. I'm sorry, but in comparison there is nothing like marimekko dress that makes my heart go pitter-patter.


to have a fireplace right now

would be amazing. I grew up having a roaring fire nearly every night, and now that I'm away and living in my tiny boston apartment, I really miss the allure of fireplaces. Somewhere in between the intense heat that makes you fell burnt, the dry smoky smell and the loud pops and crackles of the wood is my childhood. sigh.

i heart procrastination

and lately I am really digging textiles... lace, embroidery & anything frilly is totally stealing my heart right now. hmmmmm



My day job is for a great furniture design company over in Cambridge, and I have the best job ever: designing the window displays. Of course that's only one of my duties there, but the one that is the most fun... other than designing furniture, because actually that's really cool too. Anyways I digress, but over the Fall season I sewed a few big and small birds with some super rad and super fancy-pants upholstery fabric from vendors like Robert Allen, Donghia and Starck, and then made some pretty sweet mobile-like displays using twigs and branches. Generally a really cool display- check it out!

wedding stuff

Officially, today, we have 9 more months until our wedding. How did that happen? Wow! Like really WOW! So it seems about that time to be finally sending our save-the-date cards out in the mail. For those of you who are going to receive one shortly, consider yourself to be extremely loved! Our guest list is small, and our budget is even smaller- if you are ever curious about what our apartment looks like when I am in the middle of finishing a project like our cards... here is your one and only glimpse: a total disaster!

makery boston

First posting!
Customizable recycled paper-back wreaths! Click here to see my shop!


X-mas Cookies

Every year, for as long as I can remember, the women in my family have dedicated themselves to baking, brewing and melting a serious assortment of sweets. Traditionally we do our classics: Spritz , buckeyes and bark. Lately we have been adding butter cookies to the mix with a too sweet glaze that makes them oooooh so good. However this year seeing as I'm broke , my cookies are becoming more serious and varied! They are going to be presents to my friends and colleagues and maybe also my stomach!

For those of you who just thought " What the heck is a spritz, a buckeye and bark?" well, you needn't worry a minute longer!

Spritz: A delicious almond flavored cookie that is shaped by pushing dough through a stencil like disk, the classic Xmas shapes are green trees, red poinsettias and plain wreaths. Of course these are always frosted with a sweet butter-cream frosting that keeps them moist and delicious throughout the holidays.

Buckeye: The best candy ever! A concoction of butter, sugar, rice krispies and chunky peanut butter dipped in chocolate. I don't think I need to say anymore.

Bark: This is my sister's favorite and the only sweet that I have ever had to "grow to like". It is a super simple candy that is made by pouring melted white chocolate over a platter of broken pretzels and nuts of your choice. So easy, and so good!

I will be making all of these plus a few more over the next week or two, so be on a lookout for my photos and recipes!