Loving this right now

I've been aware of these pieces for a while now, and just as summer is coming to an end and I'm holding on dearly to those last few sweltering nights I'm returning to these fresh, simple and ultra cute ceramics. MUST SEE WEBSITE!


EVIT : Glass mosaic tiles

These are incredible! The bubbles are so fantastic, but far too trendy to actually use (considering the cost of installation). However the second picture of the "broken glass" is so crisp and fantastic that I would be tempted to do entire rooms out of that stuff! Ugh so hott! Love Italianmosaics, but not as much as I love Spanish ones!

about that time

Can't really believe that I totally blow this thing off now. I'm not used to having a real work week people! I need to get back on the blog and write something interesting for my own sanity and peace of mind. Speaking of sanity... does anybody know anything about fixing '95 Toyota Corolla? No- that image above is not my car, however I'm sure Tony wishes it was!


It's about blue-thirty

Or maybe quarter to pink!

Cyclopse Watch by Mr.Jones uses colors instead of numbers, it kinda makes feel all tingly inside.