Greatness Achieved

This blog is amazing, oozing with attitude and so incredibly funny.
Unhappy Hipsters


want this

LG TV, limited edition of course. Changes visuals from B&w to Sepia to Color. 14".... I don't care it sooo rad.



I want all of these! How have I lived without these for so long??? I'm officially in love with Les Queus de Sardines


bed lust

A girl can dream!

Images via D*S and Decor8

paper art (understatement)

Every once-and-a-while I come across these amazing and intricate paper creations from various artists and designers and I am constantly amazed at the versatility and beauty of paper. As one of the most mundane objects in my life, I can't help but feel a bit woeful that I don't take the time to appreciate the possibilities like others obviously do. I hope that you find inspiration in these images and use them to think about life's possibilities.

These images are from Artists Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry and their Paper Cut Project.


Hair envy

Most days I like short hair, and most days I wish I was daring enough to shave all of mine off to the extreme, but for some reason (I'm attributing it to the cold) I really want long hair and long blunt bangs! Why? I really have no idea. But the picture here pretty much is my desire right now. Why can't I be rich and just get extensions and play with my hair? Ugh, having money would be so much fun!

best x-mas present

Tony took the cake on this one folks. I'm sorry, but in comparison there is nothing like marimekko dress that makes my heart go pitter-patter.


to have a fireplace right now

would be amazing. I grew up having a roaring fire nearly every night, and now that I'm away and living in my tiny boston apartment, I really miss the allure of fireplaces. Somewhere in between the intense heat that makes you fell burnt, the dry smoky smell and the loud pops and crackles of the wood is my childhood. sigh.

i heart procrastination

and lately I am really digging textiles... lace, embroidery & anything frilly is totally stealing my heart right now. hmmmmm



My day job is for a great furniture design company over in Cambridge, and I have the best job ever: designing the window displays. Of course that's only one of my duties there, but the one that is the most fun... other than designing furniture, because actually that's really cool too. Anyways I digress, but over the Fall season I sewed a few big and small birds with some super rad and super fancy-pants upholstery fabric from vendors like Robert Allen, Donghia and Starck, and then made some pretty sweet mobile-like displays using twigs and branches. Generally a really cool display- check it out!