cuban food

I was perusing the web today and found THIS recipe for Guava Cream Cheese Pastry, and thought to myself "Tony would die if he saw this!"

Why you ask?

Well, about two years ago during one of our visits to his home in Miami I was introduced to the very interesting combination of guava and cream cheese. Of course this was also eaten with canned coconut (sweet as hell) and it was so odd for me ( a new england girl) eating this totally foreign guava paste and canned coconut with cream cheese! But alas, this is really a good combo despite my qualms, and now it is in Gourmet! Tony is laughing and telling me "I told you so" as I write this.

Marimekko Dress of the day

Paloma Dress by Samu-jussi koski

Why? Because I got this for my Birthday!!!! Whoot whoot!
except in the grey colorway... which is way better

and btw it looks waaaay hotter on me than that model :)

Thanks Pam & Tony


Wood Jewelry

Anthony Roussell makes jewelry out of wood in the most amazing shapes and forms!


Marimekko Dress of the day

If I could, my wardrobe would consist of only these f+%$ing amazing dresses! I am seriously in love with all of them. So now, I am dedicated to spending 5 minutes each day finding the one that best represents me and my day.

Mood: Content, and a little excited (because I'm starting this and I like my wardrobe today)
Weather: Cloudy and cold (fall)
Outlook: Good prospects on the horizon folks, good indeed!

Dress: Rihanna Tunic by Samu-Jussi Koski
Why: Comfy, classic, has pockets*** and proffesional all rolled into one!

Stitch House

Finding awesome new fabric shops in Boston! I place that has a severe absence of fashionable fabric stores.

Clickhere to go to the best new thing in Dorchester! Can you handle that fact that they have workshops, a blog, knitting stuff and fabric... I almost can't! So excited!!!!


Love This:

A very unique Banana holder indeed! Love the idea that without Bananas it is sculptural piece and at night it is a light! Fantastic!