It's not that I don't like new things, in fact I love new things and shopping is one of my favorite past-times, but I just can't convince myself to spend money on new things that I know will only last me a year or two. For example: IKEA. The idea is simple, and fantastic. Yet extremely wasteful! Buy this cheap- it looks great now and it will be in style for the next few years! Then, throw it out when the styles change! Buy new cheap stuff because hey, you only pay $10.00 for it! But this idea is so flawed and wasteful that I probably couldn't fit all on my reasons into this one post. So, I buy old stuff! Mainly because A.) if it's 50yrs old- it's probably going to last another 50! B.) I'm not going to go out and see the exact same thing in somebody elses home or on another person C.) There is no packaging or excess wrapping that creates waste, and last but not least D.) Usually it's cheaper!

So if I could encourage everybody to stop buying... I don't know, paper towels and use dishcloths instead, or buy tins and mason jars instead of Tupperware, I think I'd be a happy girl! So with that said - look at this awesome vintage cake carriers- yep no saran-wrap/ frosting tragedies here folks!

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