Do you have a pile somewhere in your place of things that "could be cool"? Tony and I do. We also never touch it! Well, at least not until it's time to move. Then the decision of "toss it" or "keep it" comes into play, only to restart wherever we land next. I'm determined to not keep that cycle going this time, so I decided to break into that pile recently and finish some projects that I didn't even know could be projects. This first one consists of a wall panel sample I stole from school my senior year after our directed studies class. It's some funky milled MDF piece that is supposed to be placed with more of its kind to create a highly textured wall surface. A cool concept- but I think it's much more cool to be used singularly. I had some left over paint from my failed attempt to try and use an accent color in our living-room, and I stepped it up a notch with a silly profile of a cat - in honor of our dear Leche- the fattest cat I know. Now we finally have something fun and colorful in our bathroom that doubles as a screen over the field of nail holes in the wall!

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