I realize now that it has been over a week since I last updated this blog with any worthwhile information, so my sincerest apologies to all of you loyal followers... you do exist right? Tony's final thesis was presented over the weekend, and with that huge hurdle out of the way we both have been lounging in blissful nothingness for the past few days. However spring is in full bloom here in Boston, and I can't be too lazy. At least not while the sun is shining and birds are chirping! This morning after an earlier morning meeting I headed to TJ's for some weekly groceries and decided that today was a day for baking!

I attempted to make some whole wheat loafs, and two turned out quite perfectly, however the last bit of dough was a bit tough and I guess also a bit "stringy" . So I decided that it probably wasn't going to bake up pretty or potentially at all, so I used the dough as a bit of an experiment adding mango chunks and coconut to the batter. I plumped the brick into a bread pan and crossed my fingers. Well the baking fairy was totally watching out for me today and that bread is the bomb! After averting a near disaster with some burning, smoldering coconut flake drippings onto the oven bed, the loaf came out with a crispy yet chewy caramelized coconut top and sweet mellow mango flavoring in the dense, moist center with surprising spring. I have to admit this was the luckiest mistake ever, but a mighty tasty one at that!

Pic: The yummiest mistake ever: Mango Coconut Bread

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