Ummm, Hello Kitty Sewing Machine?

As Spring approaches I always begin to feel inspired and refreshed. I start to get creative and begin to plan out big projects, starting usually with ones that I failed to complete the year before. I always start big (ending small) but this year instead of getting ahead of myself I am starting small. This spring being the first where I am not overwhelmed by school work and job applications I really think that I can achieve all that I plan to.

Project A - A New Wardrobe.

After doing some heavy duty purging last week (of my closet) I now realize that my wardrobe is seriously lacking, but I can't bring myself to spend lots of money on a new spring/summer wardrobe. So I am going to take advantage of the super awesome sewing machine my parents purchased for me for Christmas and make myself some new dresses- because how hard can it be right?

Project 2 - A Garden.

Growing up in the country I seriously don't think that I ever really appreciated how great having a garden was! Now that I live in the city and the best produce I can get costs my left arm I am realizing just how great it would be to have one of my own! Back in March I stopped at a garden store and shed some $$ on a few packets of seeds and some starter planters and now I have sprouts for Broccoli, Tomatoes, Spinach, Lettuce, Cucumbers and Squash. Now if I can just get those sprouts to grow into bearing plants- I will be a happy girl.

I'm sure more projects will pop up and I will do my best to add to the progress on current projects as spring stumbles along. But I also want to hear what other people are doing! Spring is the most ambitious time of the year for me and I want to encourage everyone I know to just do more!

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