I often joke with my friends and family about being a total do-it-myselfer, but to be honest, why buy it when you can make it? Does that phrase have a copyright because if not somebody should jump on it, and by somebody I mean me. Where was I? Oh yeah, so basically I saw these cool posters of cities, that used typography to map out the geography of it's boroughs or neighborhoods. Of course the big cities were included in this set, but Philadelphia was not yet done, and as a christmas present I was hoping to get one for my sister. Since she relocated to there only a few months prior I thought it to be the perfect gift. So... I improvised and made my own, and here it is.

My inspiration is from Ork Posters, and for $18.00 a pop, they are a good deal. Here is one of Boston:


Amanda said...

I still think the Philly one is cooler...and we get tons of complements on it!

Tina said...

Yeah, me too. I'm glad you like it though (esp since it was your present)!