I have been really slow with posts this week, and I'm going to blame it on my lack of energy stemming from my intensely restricted diet this week, but it's probably more about the fact that I haven't found or done anything worth noting this week that I feel compelled to share with the entire world wide web. My detox is something that I have been wanted to do for a really long time, but haven't had a full week to dedicate to eating right. So this week I stepped up to the plate, and after having a great and very filling weekend at my parents house I jumped on the band wagon, jogged my butt over to TJ's and began my no soy, no meat, no grains containing gluten, no processed food,no caffeine, no sugar, wholly organic diet. My first realization: I am addicted to Coffee. One day without it and I had the worst headache of my life! So after this week I'm going to be limiting myself (severely) to only one cup or less a day! Yup- that's the plan.

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