X-mas Cookies

Every year, for as long as I can remember, the women in my family have dedicated themselves to baking, brewing and melting a serious assortment of sweets. Traditionally we do our classics: Spritz , buckeyes and bark. Lately we have been adding butter cookies to the mix with a too sweet glaze that makes them oooooh so good. However this year seeing as I'm broke , my cookies are becoming more serious and varied! They are going to be presents to my friends and colleagues and maybe also my stomach!

For those of you who just thought " What the heck is a spritz, a buckeye and bark?" well, you needn't worry a minute longer!

Spritz: A delicious almond flavored cookie that is shaped by pushing dough through a stencil like disk, the classic Xmas shapes are green trees, red poinsettias and plain wreaths. Of course these are always frosted with a sweet butter-cream frosting that keeps them moist and delicious throughout the holidays.

Buckeye: The best candy ever! A concoction of butter, sugar, rice krispies and chunky peanut butter dipped in chocolate. I don't think I need to say anymore.

Bark: This is my sister's favorite and the only sweet that I have ever had to "grow to like". It is a super simple candy that is made by pouring melted white chocolate over a platter of broken pretzels and nuts of your choice. So easy, and so good!

I will be making all of these plus a few more over the next week or two, so be on a lookout for my photos and recipes!

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